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Two decades at the forefront of candidate training and employment.

At Direct Partners, we pride ourselves on delivering relevant skills training leading to work. Our dedicated team of qualified trainers and assessors is passionately committed to closing the skills gap by guiding individuals into employment that offers more than just a job – opportunity!

Fuelling passion, nurturing potential, and providing meaningful alternatives to traditional education pathways is what drives us. Whether you’re an employer considering an apprentice or an individual ready to leap into the world of work, we are with you at every stage.

At Direct Partners, we don’t just offer jobs or training, we craft futures, harness talent, foster productivity, and ultimately, transform lives.

The Future is Tech. Be Ready.

Explore which Tech course is right for you.

Embarking on a tech skills course with Direct Partners is a strategic move for the future-focused learner. Our courses are designed not only to impart hands-on technical knowledge but to provide students with a competitive edge within the jobs market. By choosing Direct Partners, you’ll be investing in quality education, industry relevance, access to leading tech employers, and an opportunity to be at the forefront of technological innovation.

Invest in tech today and transform your tomorrow!

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We understand the pressing need for businesses to cultivate a skilled, resilient, and forward-thinking workforce. That’s why at Direct Partners, we will transform your team by equipping them with the most sought-after skills designed to solve your immediate marketplace challenges and future-proof your business in an ever-changing global landscape. Through our professional apprenticeships and in bespoke work-based learning programmes, you can drive tangible progress, close the skill gaps, maximise productivity, reduce costs, and boost the overall efficiency and preparedness of your workforce.


At Direct Partners, our focus is your success! Our programmes offer an immersive learning experience that rivals traditional education, ensuring you actively apply and retain the knowledge gained, while accessing roles with leading employers. Choosing one of our work-based learning programmes means you can advance your career while benefiting from a debt-free education, competitive salaries, and guidance from industry experts. From tailored role matching and interview prep, to joining a supportive learning community, you will be embarking on an exciting new career journey with our friendly and experienced team with you, every step of the way.

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Modern Apprenticeships Explained…

Want to earn while you learn but not sure how? You’re an employer thinking about collaborating with a training provider for your apprenticeship programme, but not clear how it will impact or benefit your business?

Understanding how Modern Apprenticeships work has often been a barrier for both learners and employers. So, we’ve decided to make it easy!

Our friendly team are ready to help you..