Two decades dedicated to unlocking talent and building brighter futures

About Direct Partners

At Direct Partners, we stand out with our diverse team and two decades of experience. Our dedicated Trainers & Assessors are driven to close the skills gap and open doors to genuine opportunities. While many head towards traditional education, we champion alternatives that tap into real passion and potential. Our commitment? Fair working conditions, a strong belief in the living wage, and the flexibility that attracts top talent. Whether you’re an employer looking to bring on an apprentice or someone ready to dive into the workforce, we’re right there with you. At Direct Partners, it’s more than just jobs or training; we shape futures, nurture talent, and make a lasting impact.

Meet our experienced team

Debra Tracy

Managing Director

07792 488 883

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My role is to oversee the strategic planning, Employer & Stakeholder engagement, curriculum development, and operational execution for all of our educational and work-based learning programmes. I ensure high-quality education, foster industry partnerships, drive business growth, maintain regulatory compliance, and enhance learner employability.

Beverley Glenwright

Operations Director

07846 235 072

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I manage the daily functions, streamline processes, and ensure efficient delivery of our educational courses and work-based learning. My focus lies in optimising resources, maintaining quality standards, fostering team collaboration, and ensuring the seamless execution of our programmes.

Penny Crawford

Partnership Manager

07942 355 887

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I oversee the sourcing, management, and tracking of referrals for all of our programmes. My role emphasises building strong relationships, ensuring a steady flow of potential learners, maintaining clear communication channels, and optimising referral strategies for maximum impact.

Lisa Hogg

Lead Trainer and Assessor

07942 359 642

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Specialising in childcare qualifications, I meticulously ensure quality assurance and manage the seamless delivery of our learning programs. I lead assessors, develop innovative online delivery tools, and I am an integral part in promoting our courses and values. My expertise extends to effectively supporting EF and MA programmes, solidifying our commitment to providing industry leading training solutions.

Nicole Clarkson

Trainer and Assessor 

07942 359 642

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My role is instrumental in ensuring quality and effective delivery of our training programs. I combine practical training sessions with insightful assessments to craft courses that are both relevant and impactful. I support and guide our learners towards achieving their objectives, ensuring that each program not only meets but exceeds industry standards and learner expectations.

Ciaran Mcdougall

Quality Assurance Admin

07942 359 642

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My role focuses on overseeing and enhancing the quality of our training initiatives, assuring compliance with regulatory and internal benchmarks. I work to safeguard our reputation for delivering exceptional, quality-assured training programs. My role in implementing and monitoring quality assurance protocols helps to seamlessly integrate robust training solutions, so our learners and partners experience unrivalled excellence with Direct Partners.

Meet our Direct Tech Team

Catriona Roberts

Tech Programme Lead

07942 359 642

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Meet Catriona, our talented Tech Programme Lead, who diligently ensures our programmes operate smoothly from initiation to completion. With a background in business analysis and project management, she skilfully plans and manages projects while maintaining high delivery standards and prioritising student satisfaction. Even while pursuing a Master's Thesis at The University of St Andrews, Catriona maintains tight control over our projects, ensuring they are not only well-planned but also practically applicable. Her strong communication skills and ability to understand people ensure that our projects do more than succeed: they thrive, thanks to a team that feels supported and valued. In summary, Catriona leads our projects to success while uplifting our entire team to deliver a phenomenal learning experience for all Students & at the same time ensuring our stakeholders have a voice in our content creation leading to cutting edge skills-based training valued & required in today’s labour market.

Randolph Lam

Software Development Trainer

07942 359 642

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Meet Randolph, our expert in Software Development and IT. With a rich history as a Professional Software Engineer and IT Infrastructure Engineer at Fujitsu UK, he's not only mentored 100+ students in Full Stack Software Development but also optimised critical projects like the e-counting solution for the Scottish Election. Randolph, who holds a master’s degree in applied mathematics, is a keen problem-solver and a skilled communicator, adept at making complex tech topics accessible to varied audiences. His deep commitment to education and technology brings a unique focus to our team, promising exciting and insightful learning experiences for all our tech students.

James Drysdale

Tech Trainer

07942 359 642

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Introducing James. With a diverse background spanning from technical support engineering to front-end software development and UX/UI design, James brings a unique blend of skills to our training team. His experiences across various technical roles have not only sharpened his software development expertise but have cultivated a deep understanding of project management and tackling technical challenges from a multifaceted lens. True to our company's ethos, James is passionate about bridging the tech skills gap. His enthusiasm is particularly evident in his commitment to fostering the next generation of tech enthusiasts through our Youth programmes and other specialised programmes. With James, learning transcends traditional boundaries, ensuring our trainees receive a holistic and forward-thinking education.

Sean Johnson

Tech Trainer

07942 359 642

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Say hi to Sean, a devoted JavaScript enthusiast who seamlessly transitioned from a distinguished career in Retail Management to the dynamic realm of Software Development and Cyber Security. With a BA (Hons) in Accountancy, Sean skilfully merged his foundational leadership, business acumen, problem-solving skills, training, and coaching expertise into his new tech-oriented role. As a career changer himself, Sean deeply understands the exhilarating yet daunting nature of switching professional paths. He's not just passionate about coding; he's genuinely committed to guiding fellow career changers, empowering them to harness the endless opportunities in the tech world!

Join Our Mission to Train, Inspire and Transform

Are you passionate about empowering the next generation and shaping the leaders of tomorrow? At Direct Partners, we believe in harnessing talent, sharing knowledge, and creating lasting impacts. We’re interested in connecting with passionate professionals who are eager to contribute to this vision by becoming trainers in our dynamic team. For us, it’s more than just a job, it’s a chance to make a meaningful difference, connect with a diverse group of learners, and be part of a community that values growth, innovation, and collaboration. If you have the expertise and the heart to inspire, we warmly invite you to get in touch!

Crafting Tomorrow’s Leaders Through Diversity & Equality of Opportunity.

At Direct Partners, we champion diversity and inclusion, believing that talent knows no boundaries and that every individual, regardless of background, deserves equal opportunities to lead, innovate, and thrive.

Our organisation is designed to connect brilliant young minds, irrespective of their background, with the apprenticeships and work-based training programmes that resonate with their aspirations, while meeting the needs of the employer.

In essence, Direct Partners isn’t merely a training institution. We’re architects of potential, bridging gaps and laying the groundwork for a future where talent from all walks of life can be valued and flourish.

The Stakeholders

At Direct Partners, we recognise the instrumental role that stakeholders play in our collective journey towards success. Our expansive range of partners, from our dedicated Employer Partners and Funding collaborators to our valued customers and employees, aren’t just on-lookers —they’re integral contributors to our narrative.

Their diverse insights, feedback, and expectations continually shape our offerings, ensuring that our strategies remain both relevant and impactful in an ever-changing business environment.

Engaging with our stakeholders goes beyond mere interaction; it’s about building relationships, fostering trust, and collaboratively crafting solutions that resonate. It’s this rich diversity of stakeholder relationships that underscores Direct Partners’ commitment to excellence, innovation, and long-term sustainability.

By valuing and nurturing these connections, we ensure that we’re not just responsive to the needs of the present but are proactively shaping the future.

Corporate Social Responsibility & Diversity

At Direct Partners, our commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Diversity is unwavering. We deeply understand that our responsibilities extend beyond business outcomes; they touch the communities we operate within and the broader global environment. Our CSR initiatives focus on creating a sustainable footprint, supporting community growth, and advocating for ethical practices in every facet of our business.

Our emphasis on diversity isn’t just a policy—it’s a cornerstone of our identity. We believe that embracing a multitude of perspectives, backgrounds, and experiences fuels our innovative drive and enhances the value of our solutions. By weaving these principles into the fabric of Direct Partners, we not only pave the way for a more inclusive and responsible business landscape but we establish a legacy of positive impact that benefits all our stakeholders.

Proud to be a Living Wage Employer

At Direct Partners, we are firm supporters of the Living Wage initiative, recognising its importance in ensuring that every worker earns a wage sufficient to cover their basic living costs.

We are committed to creating an equitable work environment where pay reflects the true cost of living, fostering a sense of value and respect amongst our employees. By adhering to this ethical standard, we are not only enhancing our organisational culture and improving productivity but demonstrating our dedication to social responsibility and the welfare of our workforce. We hope that our commitment serves as a catalyst for change, inspiring other organisations to embrace fair and ethical pay practices for a more prosperous future.

Our Stakeholders

A few of the organisations that we are proud to partner with