About Us

Direct Partners

|   Bridging the Skills Gap

Our Vision

We want to see people (re-)entering the workforce empowered to easily advance in their careers whether they are leaving formal education, looking to secure employment or making a career change.

Our Mission

We want to bridge the skills gap by providing employment opportunities for people joining or re-entering the workforce through training programs in key growth areas.  We work with our credible employer partners who offer sustainable employment opportunities in sectors that show growth such as Technology, Renewables, Business and Childcare – we prioritise protecting the future employment!

We support the Scottish Government initiative of ‘No One Left Behind’ as we focus on delivering opportunities catered to all individuals from all walks of life, ages, and identities. We remain reactive to labour market statistics by offering training in key growth areas for job opportunities, and by doing so achieve moving our clients into sustainable employment. 

Supporting employment is critical in current climate – We can make it easy!

Read more about the No One Left behind initiative here. 

Our Values


We are welcoming. You are at the heart of what matters to us. Direct Partners believes in equality and diversity, as an equal opportunities employer itself. We are committed to ensuring your learning experience is tailored to who you are and what your needs entail. We are here to consult and provide advise and guidance on next steps to bridge your skills gap and future proof your career whether you are starting your first job or retraining for your career.

We are supportive. While change can be daunting – we got you. You will be allocated a coach & mentor to help you through each step of the training plan on your pathway to employment. We believe increased knowledge equals increased confidence. We also acknowledge that sometimes you need to make mistakes and get things wrong to grow and develop. We are here to support you in your professional development journey.



We are reliable. We work consistently with you to help you to achieve your goals. Our transparent approach accelerates trust & instills confidence. The service we deliver produces apprentices who are confident learners & effective contributors in the work place. Management information is regular, reliable & available at all times enabling our employer partners to report accurately on Starts, Performance and Outcomes.

We are effective.  Direct Partners consistently meet and exceeds the annual KPI’s set (80% Achievers V Early Leavers) by Skills Development Scotland (SDS) scoring 89%, 93% and 87% for 2018, 2019 and 2020 respectively.