An interview with Charlie 

(Kickstarter in Marketing). 

Charlie has been working on developing Video Content Creation within the Marketing team at Direct Partners since starting his Kickstart role in June. He has come into the company with an abundance of energy and entrepreneurship and this really shows in his work and attitude. He has been a real asset to the company and is full of new and creative ideas. Charlie is now nearing the end of his 6 month Kickstart with us, and we caught up to hear what he had to say about his experience: 

What have you gained through the Kickstart Scheme? 

Working as a Content Creator with Direct Partners has allowed me to expand and build my portfolio, not only of my work, but of business contacts and partner connections. The Kickstart Scheme has offered a chance to enhance and build upon my skills and knowledge in the workplace with digital skills. Gaining this experience has encouraged me to pursue my ambition of opening my own business and use the skills and knowledge I have gained, to successfully build a creative and sustainable career in business. 

What made you want to gain experience within the digital field / launch a career in digital?

 Social media has had a massive take over in modern life and in business. Door to door marketing isn’t as effective, I think if you want to be on the top of the curve of trends, then Digital Marketing is a great career move, it also offers flexibility in terms of work hours and location. 

As a role model to many people, and the LGBTQ+ community, do you have any advice about job hunting / security? 

As a transgender Content Creator I have been able to use my professional and personal profile to influence people to apply for Apprenticeships and training through my work with Direct Partners. Combining both my influencing career with my day to day work I hope to have shown younger LGBTQ+ individuals that entering the world of work is not as scary as they may perceive and that there are laws to protect people from discrimination in the workplace. 

What does the future hold for you? 

Through working at Direct Partners I have gained long lasting business and personal connections. In an effort to encourage young people into work and help others in building a portfolio of work / making their way into the world of work, I will be employing LGBTQ+ individuals into my business with the help of Direct Partners.

We are really going miss Charlie here at Direct Partners (especially his Manager, Louise!), but we are so glad he won’t be a stranger! Keep and eye on Charlies personal profiles as he has lots of exciting ventures coming up!

Thank you Charlie!

Louise Watson, 23/11/2021

An interview with Kyle (Business & Admin 

MA with Edinburgh Law Firm) and Finalist of

 Modern Apprentice of the Year 2021.


Would you recommend becoming an apprentice and why? 

As a young apprentice, I would definitely advise anyone who is looking for a successful career to begin with an Apprenticeship if the likes of university or college do not appeal to them. Doing an apprenticeship gives the opportunity to learn the ways of the professional way of work while developing many useful skills and a qualification at the end of it. Another huge upside to apprenticeships is the amount of support you actually receive ; I have never once felt alone through the whole experience, so it’s definitely something everyone should consider. One final thing that should be mentioned is the wide variety of apprenticeships available for people to look into, a common misconception is that apprenticeships are only trades and are very physical jobs, however this is far from the truth. Now more than ever there are so many modern apprenticeship opportunities which takes the stereotype out of and opens a wide variety of office-based apprenticeship.   

Louise Watson, 18/02/2021