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Direct Tech, the innovative Tech Skills Academy where your journey towards a successful career in technology begins. Our courses provide a unique learning environment that opens doors to new tech opportunities, which led by our talented team of elite trainers and assessors, is 100% focused on unlocking your tech potential. Dedicated to closing the tech skills gap, we offer an enriching blend of Self Study and Work-Based Learning options as a rewarding alternative to traditional teaching methods. Our comprehensive courses offer flexible, engaging, and interactive learning experiences via a hybrid learning model, making it easier to plan you learning around personal commitments and circumstances.

Our courses are open to everyone, from beginners to those with some experience in coding. Our application process is designed to identify serious candidates with a passion for tech, and our support structures are in place to guide every student through their learning journey. At Direct Tech, we’re not just an academy; we’re your career partner, committed to paving the way for a prosperous and ethical future in technology. Join us and experience the Direct Partner Advantage today. Let’s build your tech future together!

To mark our 20th anniversary as an Independent Training Provider. The Tech team have designed a  cutting edge 14-week accelerated learning Software Developer Bootcamp that will equip you with the essential skills and knowledge needed to secure a successful career in the technology industry.

Software Development Bootcamps are LIVE in the Capital.

Direct Tech is committed to revitalising and ensuring the longevity of Tech Bootcamps in the heart of Scotland, Edinburgh.

As we embark on this journey, we aspire to set a new standard in the sector and lead the way in transforming into prominent tech leaders within Europe and globally.

DTTS is on a mission to reinstate and elevate Tech Bootcamps. We stand as outliers, beyond the confines of traditional teaching paradigms. With an adaptiveness and dynamic approach that mirrors the ever-revolving tech landscape, we are committed to supporting the Scottish Tech Ecosystem by widening participation & improving economic prosperity for People and Places in Scotland.

Phase 1

  • Week 1 – Intro to Programming

  • Week 2 – Intro to Object Orientated Programming

  • Week 3 – Advanced OOP concepts

  • Week 4 – Intro to Frontend Web Development

  • Week 5 – Intro to Databases

  • Week 6 – Intro to Backend Web Development

  • Week 7 – Full Stack Solo Project

Phase 2

  • Week 8 – Node.JS

  • Week 9 – Javascript Framework

  • Week 10 – Advanced React

  • Week 11 – APIs + Testing

  • Week 12 – Full Stack

  • Week 13 – JAMStack

  • Week 14 – Full Stack Group Project

Phase 3

The return on investment

  • 6 months of Career Services support

  • Get matched to Companies looking to hire

  • Invitation & notifications to Events & engagement with leading industry companies

  • Showcase your credentials

  • Advise & guidance on the application process

  • Get Interview ready

  • Feedback and evaluation

  • Meet and select a mentor

Become a Software Developer

it’s as easy as 1, 2 & 3

Embark on a transformative journey with Direct Tech’s 14-week immersive Software Development programme, designed with tech enthusiasts in mind! Promoting an immersive, hands-on approach with a strong emphasis on project-based learning.

Phase 1 your first seven weeks will focus on building a robust foundation in core programming skills, debugging, UI/UX, and creating full-stack RESTful web services.

Phase 2 propels you into advanced territories of Full Stack and Mobile App Development, coupled with practical API development and software testing, all capped off with a real-world Agile group project. Our curriculum, deeply rooted in contemporary methodologies like Object-Oriented Programming, TDD, and Agile, ensures that by the end, you don’t just walk away with specialised industry knowledge and a standout portfolio, but you’ll have invaluable hands-on experience that empowers you to reshape the tech landscape. Ready to expand your horizons?

 Phase 3 All our Bootcamps are created with the end goal in mind. Secure the Job & launch your career in Tech.

Enrol with Direct Tech and transform your future in just 14 weeks!

From the very beginning, our streamlined admissions process ensures a seamless and enjoyable start to your journey.

Course Fees: Full course: £7,500 inc vat

Exciting News for Aspiring Tech Professionals!

Modern Tech Apprenticeships

Direct Tech is launching Modern Tech Apprenticeships, so if you’re passionate about tech and have a current contract of employment, this opportunity is tailored for you!

Our apprenticeships are a direct gateway into the tech industry, offering a seamless integration into the world of technology. By combining structured learning with hands-on experience, our apprentices will gain an invaluable insight into real-world tech applications and the opportunity to work on live projects, acquiring skills that are in high demand in today’s technology jobs market.

Beyond offering enrichment and advancement to individuals and communities, we are dedicated to helping employers in Digital, Data, Cyber, and Cloud Computing fill their roles with competent, proven candidates, contributing to the vibrancy and innovation of the tech sector.

Why Consider a Modern Apprenticeship with Direct Tech?

Comprehensive Learning

Our apprenticeships are designed to provide a rounded learning experience, focusing on the critical tech skills, soft skills, and industry knowledge necessary to excel in the tech industry.

Mentorship & Guidance

Benefit from the expertise and experience of our distinguished team of trainers and assessors who are committed to nurturing your potential and guiding you to success.

Industry Connections

Access our extensive network within the tech industry, ensuring that you’re not only well-trained but also well-connected.

Diverse Opportunities

The apprenticeships will cover a range of technology fields, allowing you to explore and specialise in the areas that interest you the most.

Our Tech Modern Apprenticeships

Your journey starts here.

IT Infrastructure

IT Support

Cyber Security

Software Development

SVQ Digital Applications

SVQ Digital Marketing

The Driving Force Behind Our Tech Success

Catriona Roberts

Tech Project Manager

07942 359 642

Linkedin Profile

Meet Catriona, our Tech Programme Lead, whose background in business analysis and project management empowers her to lead a diverse team of talented tech instructors. Each instructor specialises in different technology disciplines, enabling us to provide comprehensive and engaging learning experiences to a wide audience.

Our team excels at transforming learners to launch their careers in tech, teaching complex tech concepts in a simple and accessible way across a range of disciplines. This approach ensures our courses are thorough and relevant, focusing on problem-solving and the resilience required to master programming languages and concepts to move into the tech industry. We aim to meet high standards of efficiency, quality, and student satisfaction, preparing learners for the challenges of the tech industry with a well-rounded understanding of technology and its applications.

We emphasise adaptability and lifelong learning, guiding individuals through their tech journeys and enabling them to capitalise on the evolving opportunities within the tech landscape. This focus on flexibility and continuous skill development is key to our approach.

Catriona and her team are committed to excellence, ensuring our tech programmes stay at the forefront of innovative, skill-based training. They are dedicated to delivering a learning experience that meets today's market demands and addresses the unique opportunities and aspirations of our learners.

Be part of the driving force behind our tech success and help us shape the future of tech education! For more information on how to apply and embark on a rewarding career journey with us, contact Catriona.

We’re Hiring!

Join Our Growing Team of Tech Trainers

Due to high demand for our tech courses, we’re excited to announce the expansion of our instructor team!

Data Science, Software Development, Cybersecurity, IT and Networking, UX/UI Design, Responsive Website Design, Digital Applications.

If you’re competent, confident, and capable with technology and passionate about bridging the skills gap, we want to hear from you. We’re on the lookout for inspirational tech instructors eager to join us in our mission to widen participation and improve equality of opportunity for individuals entering the tech industry.

We offer a competitive employment package and opportunities for professional growth. Is job satisfaction and being part of a great team who share your values and commitment to putting tech on the map important to you? Reach out! Our tech instructors play a critical role in delivering engaging, industry-relevant provision, supporting learners on their tech journeys, and staying ahead of tech trends. If you’re passionate about technology and education, join us in this decisive decade to drive innovation in tech training and shape the future of tech transformation in Scotland!

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