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With over 20 years’ as a leading accredited Training Provider, Direct Partners provides businesses with unparalleled access to a select group of thoroughly trained and dedicated candidates, ready to add value to your operations immediately.

Our programs, ranging from Advanced Training Solutions to Modern Apprenticeships, are designed specifically to meet the unique needs of your organisation.

Whether you’re looking to attract new talent, enhance the skills of your existing teams, or transition experienced staff, our versatile programs are comprehensive. At the core of our strategy is practical application, ensuring that training directly translates into tangible workplace benefits.

Partnering with Direct Partners is more than a recruitment decision—it’s an investment in optimising the future of your business.

Let’s build a partnership that puts your business at the forefront of workforce excellence for long term success.

Why partner with us?

Create your own company bespoke accredited learning pathways and training programmes.

Partnering with us offers a strategic pathway to your organisation’s enduring success. Traditional methods of seeking the right candidates often consume valuable time and money without offering any guarantees of success. We counteract this uncertainty by expertly matching your needs with the right talent and employing solution-based strategies to establish a fail-safe process for your recruitment goals.

We help you make smarter decisions by fostering a culture that embraces tech innovation and drives change, and our personalised career development plans not only help retain your top talent, but they align with your diversity and inclusion objectives.

We blend formal learning with on-the-job experience, ensuring skills development is both practical and impactful; our focus on upskilling your existing workforce eliminates the cost and hassle of external hiring. In essence, a partnership with Direct Partners paves the way for sustainable growth, resource optimisation, as well as robust employee development and retention—all while reducing risk.

Employer Benefits

Tailored Training

Apprentices are trained in the specific skills and knowledge the company requires, reducing the future skills gap.


Research has shown that apprentices tend to be loyal, leading to higher retention rates. This can reduce recruitment costs in the long run.

Productivity Boost

As apprentices become more competent, they contribute more significantly to the company’s output.  The mentorship culture often rejuvenates the entire workforce, leading to increased productivity.

Financial Incentives

In many regions, governments provide subsidies or tax breaks to employers hosting apprentices, reducing the financial commitment.

Modern Apprenticeships Explained

The Journey

Direct Partners collaborate with employers to create a curriculum tailored to their needs. Direct Partners recommend mentors or experienced staff to guide apprentices, ensuring the integration of company-specific knowledge and skills. Employers are encouraged to provide regular feedback and testimonies, ensuring the apprentice is on track.


Employers invest both time and resources. They pay the apprentice’s wage, contribute to training costs, and invest time in mentorship and evaluation. Employers must comply with fair working practices. 

A modern apprenticeship is a win-win: learners gain valuable skills without incurring debt, and employers cultivate a loyal, skilled workforce tailored to their needs.

The Process…

Step 1 – Discovery & Analysis

Our initial phase revolves around understanding your organisation’s unique requirements, challenges, and goals. We conduct an in-depth consultation to gain insights into your existing talent pool, technological infrastructure, and desired outcomes. This deep dive ensures we tailor our approach specifically to your organisation’s needs.

Step 2 – Tailored Strategy Development

Based on our discovery insights, we craft a bespoke engagement strategy. This includes expertly matching the right talent from our extensive network, providing solution-based strategies, and setting measurable objectives to track progress. Our approach is designed to be both scalable and adaptable, accommodating any shifts in your organisation’s trajectory.

Step 3 – Implementation & Continuous Support

With a clear strategy in place, we move to seamless execution. Our team collaborates closely with yours, ensuring smooth integration of new talent and strategies. Beyond mere implementation, we provide ongoing support, monitoring progress, offering feedback, and making real-time adjustments as necessary. Our commitment is to your long-term success, therefore, we’re in it together.

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Successful Partnerships that speak for themselves.


“Direct Partners is one of the training delivery partners on the Vocational Training Framework (VTF). We value collaboration with Direct Partners who at all times provide quality service to VTFs’ clients and deliver on project targets. Not only do they deliver quality vocational training but they also provide professional employability advice to clients and recruitment support to participating employers.”

Gosia Lysakowska

Training Coordinator

City Capital Partnership


“Nicole was exactly what Kelise needed and she really is a credit to you. We have now had 5 MAs in the business – all within the accounts teams – but we are about to get a surveying modern apprentice next month.  We’ll keep preaching and hope to convert more people.Laurie has three MAs in her team, including Kelise, and they are fantastic team members”

Alison Stark B Com (Hons)

Finance Director


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