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Work with us to hire talented apprentices or to train your existing staff and secure your employee productivity and retention.

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Supporting youth recruitment is critical in this current climate 

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If you haven’t taken on an Apprentice before, this may seem daunting – but we are here to guide you every step of the way. We are also happy to provide training and induct workplace Mentors – this can help both the Apprentice and Mentor gain valuable skills and experience in working with people and managing workload.

At Direct Partners, we are all about connecting and preparing young people to enter the world of work. To make this happen we are reaching out to develop strong lasting employer partnerships.

Our objective is to create a win-win situation matching suitable young people with good quality employers.

Modern Apprenticeship Employer Partner Model

1. Initial Meeting

6. Continued


2. Advertise &


DP’s Six Step

Employer Support

5. Support Training

& Assessment

3. Shortlist &


4. Finalise Hiring

Flexible Work Force Development Fund

The Flexible Workforce Development Fund is available to all Scottish employers, including small and medium enterprises (SMEs). 

The Fund supports businesses in Scotland up-skills and re-skill their employees to support inclusive economic growth in Scotland. As an employer this is a great incentive to prioritise skills gaps and training in your staff and tailor to their needs in terms of progression. 

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The Youth Guarantee

  • Youth guarantee – capital city partnership (employers take on money… )

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