Fair Work First Statement

The Fair Work Convention’s Framework defines Fair Work as work that offers effective voice, fulfilment, opportunity, respect, and security.

Jointly agreed by Direct Partners Ltd and the Staff at Direct Partners Ltd, we commit to advancing the Fair Work criteria of:

Providing effective channels for effective employee engagement

  • We are dedicated to fostering an open, transparent and collaborative work environment where every employee’s voice is heard and valued.
  • We implement regular feedback processes such as surveys, suggestion boxes, and team meetings to ensure that employees at all levels have the opportunity to contribute their ideas and feedback.
  • Our leadership team is committed to acting on this feedback to continuously improve our workplace and address the concerns of our team members.

Investing in workforce development

  • Direct Partners recognises that the growth of our employees is integral to our success. We invest in weekly continued professional development sessions for staff. Each staff member has a training plan and offered the opportunity to complete a Modern Apprenticeship as well as other relevant training courses.
  • By supporting our workforce in acquiring new skills and knowledge, we not only enhance individual career prospects but also ensure our team remains at the forefront of industry developments.

Not using zero-hours contracts inappropriately

  • We pledge to uphold fair employment practices by ensuring that zero-hours contracts are used responsibly and ethically, only when mutually beneficial to both employee and employer.
  • We are committed to providing stability and security for our employees, offering contracts that reflect their hours of work accurately, ensuring that employees have an adequate notice of their shifts.

Taking action to tackle the gender pay gap and create a more diverse and inclusive workplace

  • We are actively working to identify, understand and eliminate the gender pay gap.
  • We are dedicated to cultivating a diverse and inclusive workplace where individuals from all backgrounds feel welcomed, respected and valued.

Committing to paying the Real Living Wage

  • We are a proud Living Wage accredited Employer therefore, ensuring that all our employees are paid at least the living wage. This commitment reflects our belief in the dignity of work and our respect for the hard work and dedication of our team members.

Offering flexible and family-friendly working practices for all workers from day one of employment

  • We recognise the diverse needs of our workforce, we offer flexible and family-friendly working practices from the very first day of employment. Our policies are designed to support work-life balance, including flexible working hours and remote working options.
  • We believe that supporting our employees’ personal needs is essential to fostering a productive, happy and loyal workforce.

Opposing the use of fire and rehire practice

  • We stand firmly against the use of fire and rehire tactics, recognising the negative impact these practices can have on employee morale, job security and trust in the employer.
  • We strive to achieve change through agreement.

Our commitment to these criteria underscores our dedication to ethical business practices, employee well-being and social responsibility.

On behalf of Employer
On behalf of Employees