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At Direct Partners, your success is our priority. We offer a diverse range of pre-employment courses designed to ease your entry into the jobs market while our work-based learning ensures you earn as you learn, making you job-ready with invaluable hands-on experience from day one. Whether you’ve just left school, aim to upgrade your skills for better career prospects, or aspire to learn within a sector you’re passionate about, you’re in the right place.

Our comprehensive support spans from application guidance to tailored mentorship through our industry partners.  All our work-based learning comes debt-free, guarantees a competitive starting salary, and offers reassurance that over 87% of our graduates find employment within three months.  Think beyond traditional education and think Direct Partners. If you’re ready for a brighter future, let’s embark on this journey together!

Get job ready

Tech Skills

Earn while you learn

Get job ready courses

At Direct Partners, we believe that a strong foundation paves the way for enduring success. Our pre-employment courses are meticulously crafted to provide you with that vital edge even before you step into the professional world. As a learner, you’ll gain insights into industry expectations, refine essential skills, and develop a clear roadmap for your career journey. These courses act as a bridge, smoothing your transition from education to employment. By equipping you with the knowledge, skills, and confidence needed, we ensure you’re not just searching for a job, but strategically positioning yourself for the right roles that align with your aspirations. In an ever-competitive job market, our pre-employment courses are your ticket to standing out, being prepared, and navigating your career with confidence.

Why not Earn while you learn?

More Than Just Learning – Invaluable on the job experience

At Direct Partners, learning isn’t confined to textbooks or lectures. You’ll be at the forefront, applying what you learn in real working environments. Engage with your peers, share experiences, and ensure every bit of knowledge sticks. Why is this beneficial? Because it’s easier to retain what you have learnt, leading to quicker career progression.

Craft Your Path with Global Opportunities

With Direct Partners, you aren’t just gearing up for a job – you’re positioning yourself for exciting career paths. Our partners range from leading financial firms to innovative tech companies. And with over 87% of our graduates securing a role in their domain within 3 months, your future awaits!

Unrivalled, Personalised Support Every Step of the Way

The journey begins even before you start the programme. Benefit from our complimentary application and interview guidance. Once aboard, receive unparalleled 1-on-1 mentoring from industry professional who are investing in your growth. Plus, integrate yourself in the supportive Direct Partners community and it’s more than learning, it’s belonging.

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The Direct Partners Advantage

Stay Debt Free

Embark on a learning journey without being burdened with debt.

Guaranteed Minimum Salary

Begin your career with a minimum salary of £15k, with most of our apprentices earning between £18-24k.

Expert Career Guidance

Benefit from personalised advice tailored just for you, directly from experienced employers.

Work with the Best

Our partnerships span reputable companies, Nationwide.

Join a Thriving Learning Network

Be part of a community that’s vast, vibrant, and ever-evolving.

Diversity & Inclusion

Embrace an environment that truly respects and celebrates varied voices and visions.

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Successful Partnerships that speak for themselves.


“My time with Direct Partners was incredible, and they have made a significant difference in our business. We were looking for two graduates to start on our programme. Direct Partners delivered 2 outstanding candidates and their training was delivered seamlessly. Would highly recommend.”

Martyn Aitken



“Excellent and Supportive Service. I would definitely recommend Direct Partners, especially Nicole who supported and encouraged our Modern Apprentice to achieve his SVQ goal and gain his certificates. Nothing was too much bother. Looking forward to the next chapter of Digital Marketing Skills.”

A Wood


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