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At Direct Partners, our Pre-Employment Courses are a strategic step towards immediate and long-term job readiness. They provide candidates with the latest industry-specific skills, offering a competitive edge in the jobs market while remaining flexible so learners can balance personal commitments, while boosting their career prospects. Employers benefit from reduced onboarding time as new hires come already equipped to excel. Each course is flexibly designed and tailored to address the unique demands of various industries, ensuring relevance and rapid integration. In short, these courses are not just about preparation, they’re about propelling you towards sustained professional success.

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About our courses

Navigating the scope of educational options can be daunting. At Direct Partners, we simplify this journey for you.

With a team of experts dedicated to understanding your unique goals and aspirations, we’re here to guide you to the perfect course that aligns with your ambitions. Let us guide and support you through the world of learning, ensuring you embark on the right path towards long term success.

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If you’re seeking a learning experience that’s flexible, tailored, and deeply rooted in real-world application, you’ve come to the right place.

Our courses are designed with work-based learning at their core, ensuring that what you study is directly applicable to your career.  We offer a robust community of support and expert coaching to guide you through every step of your learning journey, right through to securing long-term employment. So, if a personal, practical, and supportive educational experience is what you’re after, look no further—this is for you!

The Process


Explore & Select

Research: Begin by exploring the available courses, understanding the objectives, prerequisites, and outcomes.

Choose: Select a course that aligns with your professional or personal development goals.

STEP 2: Register & Provide Details

Enrolment: Once you’ve made your selection, proceed to the registration or enrolment page of the course.

Information: Fill out the required details, which typically include personal information, academic or professional background, and any other prerequisites specific to the course.


Confirm & Prepare

Payment: If the course has a fee, complete the payment process to secure your spot.

Course Materials: After registration, you’ll often receive an introductory email with course materials, schedules, and other essential details.

Engage: Familiarise yourself with the course platform or venue and mark important dates.


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“My experience with Direct Partners was absolutely amazing, and they have done wonders for my career prospects. I came with relatively little experience, and was provided with training and mentoring to nurture and build my skills, that will now set me up for the rest of my career. Cannot recommend Direct Partners enough.”

Andy Robertson



“Eva Madarova, has been incredibly caring and supportive as I have trained, and has been there to offer assistance at every stage. Direct Partners and Eva specifically have turned a personal learning journey which could have been anxious, difficult and turbulent into one of the most positive experiences I’ve had with the educational environment. I cannot recommend their services highly enough, a big thank you!”

Thomas Keeling


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