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Modern Apprenticeships In Scotland

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 At Direct Partners, we don’t just offer programmes and apprenticeships, we embark on a journey alongside each individual learner. Building strong relationships is at the core of successful learning, therefore, from the very first step we ensure that each apprentice/learner feels continuously supported and guided.

By fostering personal connections, we’re able to provide guidance tailored to individual needs and aspirations. Beyond just skills and knowledge, we nurture a sense of community where every apprentice/learner belongs, can share experiences, learn collaboratively, and grow with confidence. It’s not just about reaching the end goal; it’s about each individual experience, the shared milestones, and the bonds formed along the way.

With Direct Partners, learners are not on this journey alone; they have a dedicated team championing their success every step of the way.

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The Process


Research & Inquiry

  • Contact Direct Partners online or in-person to discuss available programs.
  • Optionally, attend information sessions or webinars for a deeper dive.



  • Fill out the application form, attaching necessary documents and prerequisites.

STEP 3: Assessment & Selection

  • Participate in any required tests and attend an interview to gauge suitability.

STEP 4: Acceptance & Onboarding

  • Receive a formal apprenticeship offer upon success.
  • Attend an orientation to meet mentors, trainers, and understand the program structure.

STEP 5: Training Commencement

  • Begin with a mix of classroom sessions and on-the-job training, gradually shifting focus as you progress.

STEP 6: Ongoing Evaluation

  • Participate in periodic assessments, receiving feedback to ensure continuous improvement.

STEP 7: Completion & Certification

  • Finish the program, earning a recognised qualification and potentially receiving job placement assistance.

STEP 8: A Secure Future

  • You’re ready to embrace the next chapter in your career with confidence and pride. The best is yet to come!

Modern Apprenticeships Explained

The Journey

Learners begin with a mixture of in-person or virtual classroom instruction and hands-on training at the workplace. Over time, the balance shifts more towards on-the-job training. The duration varies depending on the industry and specific role but can last anywhere from one to four years. During this time, apprentices are paired with experienced mentors who provide guidance and feedback. Regular assessments, both practical and theoretical, ensure that the apprentice is meeting the required standards.


Commitment is crucial for success in our programs. To be eligible for apprenticeships, candidates must hold a current contract of employment. Apprentices are expected to demonstrate dedication, adhere to schedules, and embrace continuous learning. They are required to complete assignments, attend all scheduled classroom sessions, and meet established performance benchmarks at work. The balance of commitment between their studies and professional roles is pivotal, ensuring seamless integration of acquired skills into their daily professional practices.

Individual Benefits

Earn while you Learn

Apprentices are paid a wage, which typically increases as they progress.

Solid Foundation

By the end, they have hands-on experience and a recognised certification or qualification, positioning them strongly in the jobs market.

Reduced Debt

As opposed to traditional educational paths, apprenticeships can lead to a career without incurring student debt.

A modern apprenticeship is a win-win: learners gain valuable skills without incurring debt, and employers cultivate a loyal, skilled workforce tailored to their needs.

Partnerships that speak for themselves.

Don’t just take our word for it.


“I had a brilliant experience doing my modern apprenticeship through Direct Partners. Nicole Clarkson was extremely patient and encouraging with me and made the course more enjoyable. She was there to support me the entire way which lead me to completing the course earlier than anticipated! I truly enjoyed the coursework in the Business and Administration Modern Apprenticeship and I found it easy to engage with and thought-provoking.”

Laurin McCaffery



“I have just completed a Digital Marketing course with Direct Partners and I was impressed from start to finish. From seeing the ad in my staff room to the quick course registration, the help and resources that were contained within it through the easy to use app Trello and of course the overall assistance and wonderful support that I received from the course tutor Laura Garrido Eslava. IShe was so accommodating and helpful and has helped spark an interest in future learning in this sector. I would happily attend any future similar courses running with these guys!”



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