Software Development

Modern Apprenticeship SCQF6/8

If you are new to a software role or an established developer looking to gain SQA accreditation then this could be the SVQ for you to learn or expand on current skills.

Shape the Future: Empower Talent and Drive Innovation with Modern Software Development Apprenticeships

A Modern Apprenticeship in software development is a gateway to hands-on experience, empowering candidates to work on real-time projects and develop both technical and soft skills. Participants will master every stage of the software development life cycle, from design and development to providing comprehensive end-user documentation and ensuring rigorous software testing and quality assurance. For employers, these Apprenticeships are a transformative recruitment strategy because they focus on hiring for potential, allowing you to shape and nurture talent from the ground up. This not only fosters a dedicated talent pipeline but also ignites innovation and enhances loyalty and retention within your organisation. Elevate your business with a team that embodies technological excellence and drives future business growth.

3 Simple Steps to Get Started

Employer initial consultation to discuss the Apprenticeship role. 

Learner initial assessment to match you with a suitable Apprenticeship.

An ideal fit between Employer and candidate to drive digital transformation. 

Work-Based Learning Delivery Model

Start Dates:

Rolling start dates available


Average 12 Months

Delivery & Training:

Detailed Individual Learning Plans (ILPs) are supported by quarterly workshops, 1-1 in person/remote meetings scheduled every 2 weeks. There are no exams, portfolio assessment only. Assessment methods include: observation, case studies, guided discussions, research, Q&A, witness testimony, reflective account writing supported by work based evidence. All evidence is uploaded to our portfolio building software, Trello – an online collaborative technology. This can be accessed by all stakeholders to measure progress, evidence and compliance. 

Progress Reviews:

Every 12 weeks, learner, mentor and assessor attend to review progress, highlights and contextualise development of ILP to meet business goals and learner personal development.

Cost & Funding:

SCQF6 = £4,000    SCQF8 = £6,300

  • Skills Development Scotland (SDS) will pay a contribution to the overall cost.
  • 16-19 year olds are fully funded by SDS, no Employer contribution required.
  • 20+ are subject to eligibility checks and an Employer contribution is required.

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